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Guitar Heroes

If you were hanging out at Friday’s After Five last Friday and you were inside the Pavilion, you missed the real show. These two guys, Oliver Chappel 10 (right) and Steven Bishop 9 (left), exercised their 1st Amendment right by rocking the Free Speech monument. In compliance with that stupid sign, they didn’t chalk on […]

At the buzzer


Dogwood Festival

Saturday night I trekked out to the Dogwood Festival to see what I could see. I hope to go back tonight and continue photographing.

Exploring Hobo HQ

My Canine Hobo Sleuthing Companions and I decided to investigate further the hideout we found deep in the woods of Albemarle County. Just a few short months ago this old dairy barn was full of cows eating in their pens producing milk. Until They showed up. Once Their taint touched the cold concrete floor it […]

12 FL. OZ.

Noses to the crowd, my canine hobo sleuthing companions came across this item in the grass. To the untrained eye it would seem this can of Pepsi is quite old. Oliver, Liza and I know better. Anything that is grasped by a hobo instantaneously ages, rusts, and starts to disintegrate. This unfortunate item even touched […]

The Adventures of Oliver and Eliza

….in Hobo Hideout. Oliver has a nose for hobo activity. Out on our walk Saturday morning we came across this hobo hangout deep in the woods. Hobos are rapidly taking over our crumbling infrastructure. America is under attack! When is our government going to take this threat seriously? These building were abandoned by decent, hard […]

Hobo activity

I think this is clear evidence that hobo/hippies have infiltrated our park system. We cannot ignore this menace any longer.

The way things were

I think I have figured out the allure of my pinhole camera. Generally pinhole cameras have extreme depth of field due to their small aperture. Everything from the closest object to the farthest mountain are in sharp focus. Through a defect my pinhole renders everything the same shade of fuzzy. The effect of this in […]

Everything nice

Sugar, flour, rice, corn starch. Add a little sunshine and it is a recipe for a nice picture in my kitchen. The kitchen is definitely my favorite part of the house. So far it is the most complete and has a great view with amazing early morning light. In the summertime the trees and bushes […]


This was in our path one day while walking. I think it looks like an organic land mine?