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Spring is back

Tilt Shift Dream

Took this while partying above the Downtown Mall in Charlottesville.

American Idiot

Snow dog day

It is really hard to get a good picture of Liza.

Fishy water

Once again the trails behind the law school stink like diesel fuel. It isn’t as bad this time as when I last noticed it over the summer. If you are back there with your dog, don’t let them drink or swim back there. When I called the ASPCA’s animal help line last time they said […]

Fishing at Chris Green

I was out at Chris Green Lake Park with Julie and Liza. We went for a very long hike that eventually brought us back to where we started but not before encountering this scene. This is the reason that camera phones are so great, I always have it with me.

Twisted Branch

Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar on Tuesday night.

Welcome to the Garage

Spent a a few hours last night hanging out in Lee park listening to some great music at this new tiny venue. Aptly named the Garage, it is a marvelous venue. Plop yourself on the side of the hill in Lee park, sit close to the garage on the ground, or slump into the couch […]

Seeking refuge

One more reason I am glad I don’t smoke. Sean and Lee huddle under the awning during yesterdays rain storm to enjoy a cigarette. I stayed high and dry while I stuck the camera out the door.

Something smells awful

A question to the local blogosphere. Has anybody hiked the section of the Rivanna Trail behind the UVa Law School recently? I was walking there with the dogs today and they came out of the water covered in what smells like fuel-oil/diesel fuel. Alice called the the ASPCA hotline and for the sum of $60 […]