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Oooh Purdy

Went to X-Lounge last night with a couple of friends. The people there are a lot of fun to look at, though conversations is strictly a no go when the place fills up. We got there pretty early and it wasn’t too bad. Once the place gets packed the decibels rise through the roof and […]


I can’t figure out how a burning smelly chimney of cigarettes could possibly be considered an oasis. An oasis from hell possibly?

No words today

New ride

Alice and I took the new bike up to the reservoir to try it out. Yea right, I wish it was mine. I am not a huge fan of Harleys but this one appealed to me. Maybe it was because it looked so nice with Sugar Hollow behind it.

Liza dog at the lake

Bank of America is run by the devil. Period.

Brandywine willow

If you know the name of this plant feel free to leave a comment. In my ignorance I am referring to it as a willow but I’m fairly sure that’s incorrect. This photo exists in a similar vein as yesterday’s image. I was heading back to the paper after shooting images of Kudzu for a […]

Completely forgot about this one

This was taken last Halloween. I thought it was a great costume, or is it?

Behind the scenes

Here is a peek into the unglamorous side of being a sports photographer. For all that time spent on the field taking awesome pictures for the newspaper, there are a few hours spent staring at a laptop screen looking at hundreds of images.

Possible missing link

Being from Philadelphia, I can’t claim a huge interest in UVa or VT other than the fact that UVa is the home team. I walked around outside the stadium for a bit and the fans were truly a riot. But not in the way I had expected. There were reports of some disorder and the […]

What a weekend

I hope everybody enjoyed the DP’s coverage of the UVa/VT football game on Saturday. I know for one I am whooped. I went to Lowe’s early in the morning to get a drop cloth to use as a disposable background for a portrait series. The Boar’s Head balloon was up to its usual shenanigans floating […]