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Spring is back

Ganges of Richmond

So Julie and I found this amazing little spot on the James River that had at one end, a fantastic vista of the city. On the other end there is no trace of civilization, this is that view. There were several Indian men swimming in the river while we were there, so I am calling […]

Seeking refuge

One more reason I am glad I don’t smoke. Sean and Lee huddle under the awning during yesterdays rain storm to enjoy a cigarette. I stayed high and dry while I stuck the camera out the door.

City Hall

Do you remember film? Mmmmm. Tri-X. I took this photo several years ago in high school. My mom really likes it.

Everything nice

Sugar, flour, rice, corn starch. Add a little sunshine and it is a recipe for a nice picture in my kitchen. The kitchen is definitely my favorite part of the house. So far it is the most complete and has a great view with amazing early morning light. In the summertime the trees and bushes […]

Brandywine willow

If you know the name of this plant feel free to leave a comment. In my ignorance I am referring to it as a willow but I’m fairly sure that’s incorrect. This photo exists in a similar vein as yesterday’s image. I was heading back to the paper after shooting images of Kudzu for a […]

Assisting can suck

Continuing with the behind the scenes series. Here is a photo of my lovely assistant Shaina who helped me with the beach shoot with Crystal. She did a great job. Just as a reminder Photo Night is tomorrow night.

An ode to shutter lag

I think I will be revisiting these windows again when I have my 5D with me. The shutter lag on my 2 megapixel camera phone is approximately infinity x100 to the 10th power. It is great for taking pictures out the window of my car at 70mph, not so much when trying to time good […]

Its official

I think it is safe to say that Autumn has officially arrived. I was dully reminded when taking Liza for her morning walk and I said, “Damn it got cold.” This photo is from last Friday while partying on the DT Mall.