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Welcome to the Garage

Spent a a few hours last night hanging out in Lee park listening to some great music at this new tiny venue. Aptly named the Garage, it is a marvelous venue. Plop yourself on the side of the hill in Lee park, sit close to the garage on the ground, or slump into the couch and enjoy the show. Thanks to Nailgun for getting the word out about this.

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  1. Hey, I know that garage. I used to work on 2nd St. NE and live on North 1st St., and I walked past it every day for a half decade. I never did figure out who owned it or what it was used for.

  2. Ki Lee says:

    Matt. This an awesome picture. May I use it for our websites title page. Local music suppply store. Let me know.


  1. elsewhere says:

    […] Rosenberg has a photo up from the recent inaugural show at The Garage.  It looks like it was a wonderful evening and […]

  2. […] [thumbnail from Matthew Rosenberg (click to see big pic!)] […]

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