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Tilt Shift Dream

Took this while partying above the Downtown Mall in Charlottesville.

American Idiot

Road Tripin’

Quick stop for lunch on the way down to SC for a Kayaking weekend.

The Cardinal Line

Charlottesville to Philadelphia.

Parade of Lights

Along the James at night during the Parade of Lights. This picture only shows one boat but there were actually ten or so. I will post another picture from this tomorrow. Julie and I also went to the Lewis Ginter Gardens for the GardenFest of Lights. It was a very colorful weekend.

Pump House

Julie and I braved the frigid temps this weekend and did a little exploring of Richmond. We came across this turn-of-the-century pump house just off the James. It supplied water to the City of Richmond and was also a social gathering place. The historical makers said people would arrive by barge from the canal and […]

Fishing at Chris Green

I was out at Chris Green Lake Park with Julie and Liza. We went for a very long hike that eventually brought us back to where we started but not before encountering this scene. This is the reason that camera phones are so great, I always have it with me.

The Roanoke Star

The Julie Bee and I went down to the Noke with some friends. Apparently there is a gigantic star. Who knew?

Motorcycle Hail

I rode up to Philadelphia last Thursday with my dad. It was a fantastic ride all through Virginia. Then we got to Maryland. Those white streaks are little meteors that pelted us relentlessly until we sought refuge under some trees. Stupid hail.

Logan Circle

Over the weekend my buddy Josh and I struck out into the hot city to find a place to cool off. After the quasi-cop left everybody went back into Swann Fountain including this guy and his daughter. Looked like she was having blast.