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Virginia War Memorial

Paid a little visit to the War Memorial in Richmond over the weekend. The picture here is of the names on the glass casting a shadow onto one of the pillars. I started experimenting this weekend with overlaying textures into photos. To see this effect done really well, visit Mark Tucker’s site and click on […]

You’re getting sleepy

This is a close-up of a Christmas ornament at Lewis Ginter. I feel like you should be able to see alternative galaxies or some Men in Black ridiculousness.

Lewis Ginter

As promised, Lewis Ginter Gardenfest photo. The theme this year was spiders.

Parade of Lights

Along the James at night during the Parade of Lights. This picture only shows one boat but there were actually ten or so. I will post another picture from this tomorrow. Julie and I also went to the Lewis Ginter Gardens for the GardenFest of Lights. It was a very colorful weekend.

Pump House

Julie and I braved the frigid temps this weekend and did a little exploring of Richmond. We came across this turn-of-the-century pump house just off the James. It supplied water to the City of Richmond and was also a social gathering place. The historical makers said people would arrive by barge from the canal and […]

Ganges of Richmond

So Julie and I found this amazing little spot on the James River that had at one end, a fantastic vista of the city. On the other end there is no trace of civilization, this is that view. There were several Indian men swimming in the river while we were there, so I am calling […]

Maymont Root

Over the weekend I took a tour of Maymont in Richmond with a wonderful girl named Julie. We walked past this gnarled tree that had hundreds of names carved into it. The light on the exposed roots was amazing.