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I forgot to take a picture of the name plate for these guys. Does anybody what type they are? They were really pretty. Sorry for the typos earlier. I swear I can spell. Typing, not so much.

Fishing at Chris Green

I was out at Chris Green Lake Park with Julie and Liza. We went for a very long hike that eventually brought us back to where we started but not before encountering this scene. This is the reason that camera phones are so great, I always have it with me.

Maymont Root

Over the weekend I took a tour of Maymont in Richmond with a wonderful girl named Julie. We walked past this gnarled tree that had hundreds of names carved into it. The light on the exposed roots was amazing.

underwater Ally #5

This is one of my favorite portraits. I have it hanging on my wall and it has a very serene feeling about it. Somehow the stinking, disgusting backwater of the Delaware River seems more like a small Southern creek with a Belle gracing its shores. At first I was upset that Jen’s hair covered her […]