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Jellies II

More jellies, less typos.


I forgot to take a picture of the name plate for these guys. Does anybody what type they are? They were really pretty. Sorry for the typos earlier. I swear I can spell. Typing, not so much.


Shark tunnel at the Adventure Aquarium in Camden, NJ. It was awesome. I got to touch a shark. They feel like sandpaper. More to come.

Assisting can suck

Continuing with the behind the scenes series. Here is a photo of my lovely assistant Shaina who helped me with the beach shoot with Crystal. She did a great job. Just as a reminder Photo Night is tomorrow night.

Mr. Demille

Sorry for the late post. Yesterday was a really busy, and I am just now getting back to the normal everyday stuff. Crystal’s shoot was an all day marathon that involved wardrobe and location changes. We were driving back towards home when Crystal spotted this wall and thought it would match well with her green […]


This is a picture from deep within my archive. In Riverside, NJ a little town I covered at my former paper, there was a repair shop that specialized in Beetle repair. The edge of the property was lined along the sidewalk with junk Beetles. Each one was in a different state of decay and color. […]