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Vertically centered text is your best friend. It can help you with most of your CSS questions. Someone has already had the same question or problem.

The history of human knowledge is nothing more than the realization that yesterday’s pieties are actually shameful errors. It is constantly the case that human beings of the prior generation enshrined a belief as objectively, unchallengably true which the current generation came to see as wildly irrational or worse. All of the most cherished human […]


My first video working with this high frame rate capability features Star, my high-octane Gordon Setter mix

svn commit -m infinite sadness. and some UI

Nieman Journalism Lab has a great post today about the commit messages behind some of this year’s big journalism projects.

Have I mentioned I hate talking on the phone

Talking on the phone is one of my least favorite work activities. I dread the sound of my phone ringing. It is never anything good. Plus I have a really difficult time expressing myself. Email and other text based communication, Twitter, are soo much easier.

Helpful Genesis Hook Reference

The Genesis Framework allows easy manipulation of the theme without hacking the parent theme or core files. Linked here is a helpful list of Genesis hooks.

I’m often uncomfortable taking pictures, especially if people are grieving, or hurt, or hungry. At such times I have to remind myself that I’m a photographer and that this is my job.

Coffee and Friends

Slowly but surely decorating my kitchen. A little over a year in I am finally getting things on the walls.

RVA Sky and Popkins Neon

Walking Richmond is fantastic and provides very colorful vistas in unexpected areas.

Spring is back