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For my Christmakwanzukah/birthday present (all of these things fall within a couple weeks of each other) my father bought me the new GoPro Hero3. Yep, the Black Edition. I have been interested in shooting high frame rate video (slow-mo) for quite sometime and the Black Edition has the capability of cranking up the capture rate to 240 frames per second (fps).  That compares to 24fps for film and 30fps for video. When the GoPro video is played at normal speed, the action happens at 1/8 speed. An action that occurs in a single second is now played out over 8.

My first video working with this high frame rate capability features Star, my high-octane Gordon Setter mix. She loves tennis balls. Star with Tennis BallI did a lot of Googling searching for the best method of attaching a camera to a dog. Most of the solutions had a high mount between-the-ears type shot. That shot didn’t really interest me.  I wanted the camera lower to the ground and, hopefully, angled up slightly. The best Christmas Eve option I could manage was slipping the tripod adapter through Stars collar and letting the camera dangle underneath her. You can see this lead to a very shaky ride. BUT STILL COOL!

I am working on a new harness that will hopefully better stabilize the camera. Star is not the greatest agility dog in the world but she has her moments. I really want to capture in slow motion her snagging the ball in mid-flight.

Stay tuned.

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