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Snow dog day

It is really hard to get a good picture of Liza.

Fishy water

Once again the trails behind the law school stink like diesel fuel. It isn’t as bad this time as when I last noticed it over the summer. If you are back there with your dog, don’t let them drink or swim back there. When I called the ASPCA’s animal help line last time they said […]

Exploring Hobo HQ

My Canine Hobo Sleuthing Companions and I decided to investigate further the hideout we found deep in the woods of Albemarle County. Just a few short months ago this old dairy barn was full of cows eating in their pens producing milk. Until They showed up. Once Their taint touched the cold concrete floor it […]

12 FL. OZ.

Noses to the crowd, my canine hobo sleuthing companions came across this item in the grass. To the untrained eye it would seem this can of Pepsi is quite old. Oliver, Liza and I know better. Anything that is grasped by a hobo instantaneously ages, rusts, and starts to disintegrate. This unfortunate item even touched […]

The Adventures of Oliver and Eliza

….in Hobo Hideout. Oliver has a nose for hobo activity. Out on our walk Saturday morning we came across this hobo hangout deep in the woods. Hobos are rapidly taking over our crumbling infrastructure. America is under attack! When is our government going to take this threat seriously? These building were abandoned by decent, hard […]


This was in our path one day while walking. I think it looks like an organic land mine?

Liza dog at the lake

Bank of America is run by the devil. Period.

Why I have a dog

After having cats for most of my childhood and part of my adult life. I can squarely say dogs are better. Here is the proof. I photographed this cat while at the Afton Inn photographing hawks as they kettle over the mountains. Of course it didn’t actually look like this, but this is the vibe […]


According to Wikipedia, it is customary after a day of tempting fate to party in the hanger at the DZ.

Green Light