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Harrisonburg Monolith

Not sure what this building is but it was amazing. It completely dominated the view driving in Harrisonburg. Leave a comment if you know what it is.

Racing stripe

Not sure if I have ever seen racing stripes on a freight train car before. I like it. I drove by this in Waynesboro and this car was so strange compared to the others that were dirty, old, and worn.

The way things were

I think I have figured out the allure of my pinhole camera. Generally pinhole cameras have extreme depth of field due to their small aperture. Everything from the closest object to the farthest mountain are in sharp focus. Through a defect my pinhole renders everything the same shade of fuzzy. The effect of this in […]

Why I have a dog

After having cats for most of my childhood and part of my adult life. I can squarely say dogs are better. Here is the proof. I photographed this cat while at the Afton Inn photographing hawks as they kettle over the mountains. Of course it didn’t actually look like this, but this is the vibe […]

Round for a reason

When I was a little kid my parents bought me a telescope and I couldn’t wait until dark to start playing around with it. I placed the tripod on the end of the porch and aimed the lens at other interesting stuff in the bright afternoon sky. I don’t think I had ever flown yet […]

Farm with Fence

This is another shot from my travels in the Valley. The sun hid itself behind a cloud and gave all the colors a subdued look to them. Everything looked so peaceful.

This Horse is Not a Cow

The title is in honor of my friend TJ, happy birthday T. I have this photo posted on my Flickr accountand he kept raving about the picture of the cow. Well I had no idea what he was talking about until he described the picture. Well his girlfriend Gina must have overheard when I said […]

Farm Light

Sometimes the world throws you these little gems and you just have to stop and admire. Sites like this are slowly giving way to ugly McMansions and sprawl. I am not oppose to change and growth is inevitable. Life can be hectic even here in little Charlottesville but we are fortunate enough to be surrounded […]

The Purple Cow

I decided to take a drive through the Shenandoah Valley a few months ago. I headed over 250 into Waynesboro and then down Route 340 towards Elkton. I drove past this place which sells ice cream and slammed on the breaks. Ok, I actually made a safe U-turn. Either way, it seemed like a nice […]

Looking Out from the Inside.

I remember when I shot this photo feeling sorrow for these two dogs. It wasn’t a hot day and I was not concerned for their safety, but they had a loneliness in their eyes. Their owner was inside the restaurant alongside the Skyline Drive. I wanted to play with them and maybe cheer them up. […]