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Exploring Hobo HQ

My Canine Hobo Sleuthing Companions and I decided to investigate further the hideout we found deep in the woods of Albemarle County. Just a few short months ago this old dairy barn was full of cows eating in their pens producing milk. Until They showed up. Once Their taint touched the cold concrete floor it […]

12 FL. OZ.

Noses to the crowd, my canine hobo sleuthing companions came across this item in the grass. To the untrained eye it would seem this can of Pepsi is quite old. Oliver, Liza and I know better. Anything that is grasped by a hobo instantaneously ages, rusts, and starts to disintegrate. This unfortunate item even touched […]

The way things were

I think I have figured out the allure of my pinhole camera. Generally pinhole cameras have extreme depth of field due to their small aperture. Everything from the closest object to the farthest mountain are in sharp focus. Through a defect my pinhole renders everything the same shade of fuzzy. The effect of this in […]

Farm with Fence

This is another shot from my travels in the Valley. The sun hid itself behind a cloud and gave all the colors a subdued look to them. Everything looked so peaceful.

This Horse is Not a Cow

The title is in honor of my friend TJ, happy birthday T. I have this photo posted on my Flickr accountand he kept raving about the picture of the cow. Well I had no idea what he was talking about until he described the picture. Well his girlfriend Gina must have overheard when I said […]