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Snow dog day

It is really hard to get a good picture of Liza.

hotel yankee Fox trot

Yesterday all I caught a glimpse of was this sly guy’s puff of white at the end of his its tail. Liza saw it before I did and she was going crazy trying to track him. Today I brought out my super stalking abilities and got close enough to make this picture. We made eye […]

Liza dog at the lake

Bank of America is run by the devil. Period.

Why I have a dog

After having cats for most of my childhood and part of my adult life. I can squarely say dogs are better. Here is the proof. I photographed this cat while at the Afton Inn photographing hawks as they kettle over the mountains. Of course it didn’t actually look like this, but this is the vibe […]

Completely forgot about this one

This was taken last Halloween. I thought it was a great costume, or is it?

Happy Thanksgiving

From Oliver and Eliza. Remember turkey bones are bad for dogs.

The definition of loneliness

If you have a window, fly through it.

Good Morning

Say hello to Oliver

Late last week I finally got around to doing some portraits of Liza. She turned out to be less than a willing subject. Oliver, on the other hand, wanted to be in the limelight, or at least strobe light. Ollie dog has been a bit bummed out by all the attention being lavished on the […]

Step into my parlor

This little guy set up shop on my sliding glass door. I wanted to give him a little glam session before I politely asked him to set up shop someplace else.