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According to Wikipedia, it is customary after a day of tempting fate to party in the hanger at the DZ.

Green Light

Air resistance

“Skin at 120 mph isn’t so attractive.” I don’t remember the exact quote verbatim but that is a good paraphrase.

Angels 15

I was told that it is a skydiving tradition that if you flash the pilot he will take you up a few thousand extra feet.

Behind the line

Painted down the inside of the plane was a red line. This marked the furthest back that I could sit and not unbalance the plane after the jumpers had left. I strapped myself in and got as close to that line as possible to shoot the girls as they left the plane.

This ain’t coach

I have flown quite a few times in my life. I don’t think even the high rollers in first class get this kind of treatment. This will probably go down as the best flight of my life.


Time to get off the ground. I flew a couple jumps with this pilot. I can’t recall his name anymore since it has been a couple of months, but he is awesome. If you are a fan of the normal seats in the upright position, tray tables up type of flying I suggest you find […]

Pretty in Pink

It is amazing how welcoming people can be towards people they have never met. It can be less then comfortable sometimes being a male photojournalist photographing the opposite sex. Photojournalism is inherently voyeuristic and it takes a lot of mental fortitude (at least for me) to push past those feelings to do the job. This […]

Nylon Wings

This story has been sitting on my hard drive for months. I went out to New Kent County when I heard a bout a group of women skydivers who wanted to raise money for breast cancer research. My friend was a part of this group, and I thought it would make an excellent photo story […]

Round for a reason

When I was a little kid my parents bought me a telescope and I couldn’t wait until dark to start playing around with it. I placed the tripod on the end of the porch and aimed the lens at other interesting stuff in the bright afternoon sky. I don’t think I had ever flown yet […]