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Thats a big dog…

Ok, I promised you a big dog post yesterday. I have delivered.

Out on the town

Liza and I spent yesterday strutting our stuff. Because I can’t say no, we started our day at the local pet store. Then we went to the Downtown Mall where we met the largest dog I have ever seen. Stay tuned to tomorrow’s post. It was mastiff. A woolly Mastiff. Apparently some of their DNA […]

Good Morning

Its official

I think it is safe to say that Autumn has officially arrived. I was dully reminded when taking Liza for her morning walk and I said, “Damn it got cold.” This photo is from last Friday while partying on the DT Mall.

Blurry Liza

I swear one of these days I will actually do a nice portrait of her.

Far out man

I took Eliza to the vet today and it is all good news. I think the vet fell for her almost as hard as I did. The doc thinks she is really around two years old instead of the four the SPCA guestimated her at. I dedicate this picture to Andrew who couldn’t make it […]

Proud owner

I didn’t have much time to take photos yesterday and left out one of her most attractive features. She has this marvelous pom/pom like tuft of fur on the end of her tail. It is gorgeous. Expect more pictures.

Hole in the bucket

Meet the newest edition to the household. I went to the SPCA today with my roommate to “take a look” and came home with Eliza, Liza for short. She is a four year old Chow/Border collie mix, and she is beautiful. I was told when she came in her fur was very matted and had […]

Metro Moment #8 Exhaustion

My apologies for the late post, but I know how this guy feels. I spent most of the day doing yard work and I am exhausted. This will probably be the last of this series since I have stopped regular travel to DC for the time being. I really want to go back and make […]

Metro Moment #7

It is easy to overlook the importance of the people who do small jobs to keep things running. In this case, I saw an opportunity to have the custodial worker be the center of attention by photographing him at the intersection of two strong lines. This is one of my favorite photos of the series.