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Blissful slumber of nonexistence

Please don’t ask me what the title means. I haven’t slept much in two weeks and I am sick.

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I forget who this is a statue of. Does anybody know?

Portrait Gallery

Ok, so I am a little upset that I did not post a picture yesterday. Things were a little crazy with me being sick and the elctions and all that. But those are excuses. I am posting this one nice and early (or late depending). I have to confess that not taking pictures professionally everyday […]

Metro Moment #8 Exhaustion

My apologies for the late post, but I know how this guy feels. I spent most of the day doing yard work and I am exhausted. This will probably be the last of this series since I have stopped regular travel to DC for the time being. I really want to go back and make […]

Metro Moment #7

It is easy to overlook the importance of the people who do small jobs to keep things running. In this case, I saw an opportunity to have the custodial worker be the center of attention by photographing him at the intersection of two strong lines. This is one of my favorite photos of the series.

Metro Moment #6

You’re on your way out of the city, everybody is tired, and the carriage is completely devoid of energy. This brought a smile to my face. Oblivious to the misery surrounding him, this kid found a bit of joy clowning around. -Matt

Metro Moment #5

Some stations on the Metro have split levels with trains passing over each other. This provides a fantastic place to people watch.

Metro Moment #4: Metro Make-Out

PDA’s are in-style this season on the Metro. They missed the same train as the girl in the previous post, but came up with a better way to pass the time. Oh, being in love is so much fun. -Matt

Metro Moment #3

The familiar look of watching a train pull out mostly empty, just moments before you could board.

Metro Moment #2

This picture is actually a few years old now. It is quite probably the impetus for my interest in the Metro. I took several frames before the person in the middle noticed right before he got off at a stop. As he did he turned around and looked at me and I got a nice […]