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Jellies II

More jellies, less typos.


Shark tunnel at the Adventure Aquarium in Camden, NJ. It was awesome. I got to touch a shark. They feel like sandpaper. More to come.

Virginia War Memorial

Paid a little visit to the War Memorial in Richmond over the weekend. The picture here is of the names on the glass casting a shadow onto one of the pillars. I started experimenting this weekend with overlaying textures into photos. To see this effect done really well, visit Mark Tucker’s site and click on […]

You’re getting sleepy

This is a close-up of a Christmas ornament at Lewis Ginter. I feel like you should be able to see alternative galaxies or some Men in Black ridiculousness.

Lewis Ginter

As promised, Lewis Ginter Gardenfest photo. The theme this year was spiders.

Parade of Lights

Along the James at night during the Parade of Lights. This picture only shows one boat but there were actually ten or so. I will post another picture from this tomorrow. Julie and I also went to the Lewis Ginter Gardens for the GardenFest of Lights. It was a very colorful weekend.

Pump House

Julie and I braved the frigid temps this weekend and did a little exploring of Richmond. We came across this turn-of-the-century pump house just off the James. It supplied water to the City of Richmond and was also a social gathering place. The historical makers said people would arrive by barge from the canal and […]

hotel yankee Fox trot

Yesterday all I caught a glimpse of was this sly guy’s puff of white at the end of his its tail. Liza saw it before I did and she was going crazy trying to track him. Today I brought out my super stalking abilities and got close enough to make this picture. We made eye […]

The Roanoke Star

The Julie Bee and I went down to the Noke with some friends. Apparently there is a gigantic star. Who knew?

Motorcycle Hail

I rode up to Philadelphia last Thursday with my dad. It was a fantastic ride all through Virginia. Then we got to Maryland. Those white streaks are little meteors that pelted us relentlessly until we sought refuge under some trees. Stupid hail.