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Motorcycle Hail

I rode up to Philadelphia last Thursday with my dad. It was a fantastic ride all through Virginia. Then we got to Maryland. Those white streaks are little meteors that pelted us relentlessly until we sought refuge under some trees. Stupid hail.

On the road again

Ok, I know Jason that you are going to yell at me for taking pictures while driving again. Too bad. There really isn’t much to do on the drive between Richmond and Cville. I have to drive out to the RTD again today for a meeting. I had a fleeting thought a few days ago […]

Charlottesville Drivers

I interrupt this regularly scheduled blog to bring you this important announcement. Charlottesville drivers suck! I log about 20,000 miles annually well over half of which are for work. This week I have been tailgated, cut-off, stuck behind left lane vigilantes, and general disregard for the turn signal. Charlottesville is starting to remind me of […]

Game On!

I think we are going to have two contests in this post. First, come up with a creative name for this game of where-was-I. Secondly, of course, name the photo. You guys must be dogs cause I’m throwing you a bone. This should be really easy, so no clues. -Matt P.S. Get outside and stop […]

On my way home

Yesterday was a tiring day. I really need to get more sleep, and a new bed. I was driving along and saw this great view and had to take a picture. I have been known to do that from time to time. Do you know where this guy was crossing the street? Bonus points for […]


I do a lot of driving. Highways, by-ways, city streets, and some country roads that I swear were really horse paths. Thanks Garmin. Sometimes you get really bored and think of silly things to do, like sticking your camera phone out the sunroof at *cough* 65mph. There are a couple of clues in this photo […]