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Seeking refuge

One more reason I am glad I don’t smoke. Sean and Lee huddle under the awning during yesterdays rain storm to enjoy a cigarette. I stayed high and dry while I stuck the camera out the door.

An ode to shutter lag

I think I will be revisiting these windows again when I have my 5D with me. The shutter lag on my 2 megapixel camera phone is approximately infinity x100 to the 10th power. It is great for taking pictures out the window of my car at 70mph, not so much when trying to time good […]


So you know to never delete photos in camera right, don’t you. Yesterday yielded yet another spectacular electrical storm that lumbered through the area. I was in the middle of cooking dinner and preparing to edit photos with Kaylin for this month’s Photo Night. I kept seeing these flashes of lightning outside my window. I […]