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Digital Pinhole #3

After the Free Speech Monument, I think Lee Park is the second most obligatory photo to take in Charlottesville. Usually that is enough for me to avoid it like the plague. But hey, this is pinhole photography. A statue is a prime target. The added bonus was the couple laying on the grass which I […]

Digital Pinhole #2

Always be sure to clean your sensor before making pinhole photographs. That is unless you enjoy spotting in Photoshop. All the dust will render exquisitely sharp. I wanted to post this in response to Andrew Hersey’s nice image of the 1st Amendment I scrolled upon on Cvilleblogs. The chalkboard is really fun to shoot. -Matt

Digital Pinhole

I’m going to come right out and say it. Pinhole cameras are a ton of fun. I made a pinhole for my EOS 5D following the instructions found here. Making a pinhole is easy. The only tool you really need is a drill. I have not figured out how to get my pinhole images really […]

Fly High Dragonfly

This little guy really liked the radio antenna on my car. He would fly off and then come back to his perch every few seconds. He even stuck around as I opened the trunk to my car to grab the camera and extension tube to photograph him. Thanks, Mr. Dragonfly.