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Digital Pinhole

I’m going to come right out and say it. Pinhole cameras are a ton of fun. I made a pinhole for my EOS 5D following the instructions found here. Making a pinhole is easy. The only tool you really need is a drill. I have not figured out how to get my pinhole images really sharp yet, but I am not sure I really want to. I like how the blur concentrates the eye on color and shape as composition. Stay tuned for more pictures from this series.

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Matthew Rosenberg is a digital journalist, dog lover, and convicted plant killer. Seriously, you shouldn't let me near your plants.


  1. bianca says:

    seeing as how i’m the quintessential photo nerd of the bunch, one fact i managed to retain which also relates to what i believe the answer to your sharpness question is…remains in the size and perfectness of your pinhole. a David-Hazy once told me, apparently people are totally crazed with finding the most finite holes for their crazed pinhole projects paying thousands and thousands of dollars. it’s true. these people are on the quest for the perfect, most rounded, flawless hole. (wow, that sounded dirty)

  2. bianca says:

    PS – the smaller, the better.

  3. I’ll try to keep this clean B. I am starting to accept, nay even enjoy the unperfectness of my pinhole. Being that anal doesn’t make me happy.


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