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Game On!

I think we are going to have two contests in this post. First, come up with a creative name for this game of where-was-I. Secondly, of course, name the photo. You guys must be dogs cause I’m throwing you a bone. This should be really easy, so no clues. -Matt P.S. Get outside and stop […]

Open your eyes

So many mornings I have walked past this scene just outside my kitchen window. Many times I thought about photographing it. It is a nice scene to have early in the morning. It also serves as a reminder for me. There are great pictures everywhere. I am not saying this is a great photo, just […]

On my way home

Yesterday was a tiring day. I really need to get more sleep, and a new bed. I was driving along and saw this great view and had to take a picture. I have been known to do that from time to time. Do you know where this guy was crossing the street? Bonus points for […]

Okay Smarty Pants

You guys are just too good. Jason got it about thirty seconds after I posted the last photo. Don’t you have work? Since people seemed to enjoy this game, here is another. Name the building. The only clue will come from yesterday’s (Wednesday) front page of the Daily Progress. Good luck. -Matt


I do a lot of driving. Highways, by-ways, city streets, and some country roads that I swear were really horse paths. Thanks Garmin. Sometimes you get really bored and think of silly things to do, like sticking your camera phone out the sunroof at *cough* 65mph. There are a couple of clues in this photo […]

On Patience

I really want to do a series on trains here in Albemarle and some of the outer counties. Trains absolutely fascinate me. They are essential to our lively-hood, but can also define us. Where I grew up, there are two sections, new Croydon and old Croydon. The dividing line is of course the section of […]

Wedding Bells #4 Here Comes the Bride

So on the first day of the week, I present you the last photo in this series. I think it is also the best. Working in this church could have been a real challenge if I did not have my trusty 580s with me. Dark churches can make for a real nightmare to photograph. To […]

Wedding Bells #3

I apologize for not posting yesterday. I don’t normally post on the weekend but since I didn’t get one up yesterday, I feel obligated to post today. Photographers are always going behind the scenes. Which, is what allures many people into the profession. Usually, this is where the good stories are, just out of site. […]

Wedding Bells #2 Pearly Whites

Cute little kids are like heroin for photographers. No matter how much you want to not shoot it, you are powerless against it. I know that is a really crass analogy given the subject matter but this little girl was so cute. I feel it is apt. If all weddings went as smoothly as this […]

Wedding Bells #1

This past Saturday I got a call from an old high school friend that his cousin Kenny was in need of a photographer for his wedding. I usually hate photographing weddings. They are a major pain in the ass despite how much money you can make. This one turned out to be a fun one. […]