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Thats a big dog…

Ok, I promised you a big dog post yesterday. I have delivered.

Out on the town

Liza and I spent yesterday strutting our stuff. Because I can’t say no, we started our day at the local pet store. Then we went to the Downtown Mall where we met the largest dog I have ever seen. Stay tuned to tomorrow’s post. It was mastiff. A woolly Mastiff. Apparently some of their DNA […]

Good Morning

Its official

I think it is safe to say that Autumn has officially arrived. I was dully reminded when taking Liza for her morning walk and I said, “Damn it got cold.” This photo is from last Friday while partying on the DT Mall.

Blurry Liza

I swear one of these days I will actually do a nice portrait of her.

Far out man

I took Eliza to the vet today and it is all good news. I think the vet fell for her almost as hard as I did. The doc thinks she is really around two years old instead of the four the SPCA guestimated her at. I dedicate this picture to Andrew who couldn’t make it […]

Proud owner

I didn’t have much time to take photos yesterday and left out one of her most attractive features. She has this marvelous pom/pom like tuft of fur on the end of her tail. It is gorgeous. Expect more pictures.

Hole in the bucket

Meet the newest edition to the household. I went to the SPCA today with my roommate to “take a look” and came home with Eliza, Liza for short. She is a four year old Chow/Border collie mix, and she is beautiful. I was told when she came in her fur was very matted and had […]